What the course can do for you.

By the end of the course you will be more comfortable working online and will appreciate the importance of facial expressions and their linkage to physical sensations and emotions. You will see how self-observation leads to self-connection and self-compassion which in turn reduce defenses and symptoms.

How the Course Works

The course is broken down into 6 weekly sessions. Each live one-hour workshop is comprised of the following:

  • Lecture

    An introductory mini-lecture given by Dr. Alpert on the concepts behind the workshop’s topic.

  • Exercise

    An exercise that brings the concepts into your clinical practice. Each exercise involves all trainees. Some of these will include role playing by faculty members and trainees.

  • Discussion

    A discussion of your experiences with SCP since the last workshop.

Course Roadmap

The course is designed to provide you an effective pathway to build on your knowledge from one workshop to the next.

What’s Included

  • One live small group workshop per week for six weeks with Dr. Alpert and the Academy faculty.

  • The course incorporates a combination of discussion, live clinical interviews, and roleplaying with fellow trainees in each 1-hour workshop.

  • Resources include a roadmap of what will be covered in each workshop, video demonstrations, articles, tip sheets — everything designed to support your learning .

  • Assignments after each workshop that will direct your practice of key techniques, both alone and in session with your patients/clients.

  • A discussion community where you can reach out to other therapists at various stages of learning Self-Connection Psychotherapy.

More Resources

If you want to explore Self-Connection Psychotherapy and Online Therapy, use the links in the header at the top of each Academy page.

  • Guest Resources — a library of articles and Teachable Moment videos.

  • COVID-19 — resources to help you move your practice online.

  • Demonstration Videos — short clips showing the technique.

  • Memberships and Programs — information about membership in the Academy and training programs, such as our one-year condensed training and three-year certification program.

Adjunct Faculty

What experienced practitioners say about Self-Connection Psychotherapy. These colleagues will enrich your experience of the course as they demonstrate the techniques, supervise your roleplays, and provide insights from their own knowledge of SCP.


Andrew Todd Thomas, PsyD

“Life Changing” 

My treatment and training in Self-Connection Psychotherapy have been life changing. I can’t recall finding a better method for enhancing my own and my clients’ well-being.


Russett P. Feldman, M.D.

“Fresh and Novel” 

 I have found Self-Connection Therapy fresh and novel even after practicing psychiatry and psychotherapy for over 49 years. It has given me new, useable tools to help myself and my patients. I highly recommend the Self-Connection Academy to therapists of any age and degree of experience, who want to understand and feel more compassion for themselves and their patients.”

Connect With

  • Dr. Alpert and Academy Faculty

    Book brief phone or video consultations.

  • Community

    Join other therapists as they discuss the course lessons and Self-Connection concepts.

  • Resources

    Learn to incorporate Self-Connection Psychotherapy into your practice using training materials such as demonstration videos, articles, and a library of Teachable Moment .


In order to enroll as a student, you must be licensed to provide behavioral services or have completed a certified behavioral health or medical training program.


During the current chaotic situation, we are offering the course at a 25% discount.

Need to Learn More?

We are serious about your success. Before you enroll, you can submit a request to set up a phone call, and we will reach out to explore how the course could help you and your patients/clients.